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Smart Home Planner

The Smart Home Planner helps you determine which automation goals make sense for your home and household—based on your attitudes toward the five Lifestyle Patterns. Once completed, it will generate a Personal Profile to help you choose the smart home features that you will value, use regularly and enjoy. The Planner takes only a few minutes to complete. Just respond to each of the items below, using the format shown.

Once you’ve completed the Planner, your Personal Profile will appear, showing the relative importance of each of the five Lifestyle Patterns (plus 3 Sub-Patterns) in your daily life. You’ll also receive Tailor the Technology to Your Lifestyle, a guide to help you interpret your profile. There is no cost or obligation, and we promise to keep your results confidential. See Privacy Policy

For the following questions, use this response format:
1. I enjoy using digital technology.
2. In winter, we keep our home warmer than we should.
3. I'd like to manage my home electronically when I'm away.
4. I'd invest in lighting control if it saved money.
5. We don’t feel as safe in our home as we’d like.
6. I'd like to remotely manage an irrigation system, spa, or pool.
7. Sensitive areas at home (liquor, meds, firearms) need to be made secure.
8. I’d love an automated home that responds to my needs.
9. I’d buy technologies that make home entertaining more fun.
10. My home is vulnerable to extreme weather or flooding.
11. Using electronics to protect valuables is smart.
12. Remotely controlling door locks is a good idea.
13. I’d like cameras to monitor things at home.
14. Smart Home features should be used to help seniors to age-in-place.
15. An alarm system is a valuable deterrent to theft.

16. I’d enjoy the convenience of automated drapes or shades.
17. A home should express the owner’s personal taste.
18. We should all work to reduce our carbon footprint.
19. Controlling my home from a smart phone is a great idea.
20. Monitoring the infirm electronically makes good sense.
21. I like to show off my home to guests.
22. I enjoy spending time on the internet.
23. We often overdo it with summer air conditioning.
24. When I'm old, I'd like to stay in my home as long as I possibly can.
25. I’d automate window shades to reduce energy costs.
26. I worry about someone breaking into my home.
27. We should all conserve energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
28. I’d enjoy creating scenes and moods with lighting control.
29. Everyone should have a plan for retirement living.
30. I’d like a camera that shows who’s at the front door.

31. Solar energy will help us gain energy independence.
32. Checking on the elderly electronically makes sense.
33. Wireless gas and electric shutoff is a great safety idea.
34. I'd monitor energy use regularly if it saved money.
35. Our home electronic gear needs to be easier to use.
36. I enjoy planning for the future.
37. Using automation to help elders live independently is a great idea.
38. I love to entertain at home.
39. Comfort and convenience are top priorities for me.
40. Regular termite and plumbing inspections are a wise investment.
41. If feasible, I’d like to get off the energy grid.
42. The handicapped should be helped to live independently.
43. In our home, we often use open flames (fireplace, candles).
44. Our neighborhood should do more to promote local safety.
45. Home technology should be used to safeguard the elderly.


To obtain your Personal Profile and guide Tailor the Technology to Your Lifestyle, enter a user name, plus your zip code and email address:

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Privacy Policy

We promise to keep your personal information confidential. We will not release any individual data, results, or email address to any third party without your prior approval. We reserve the right to share non-personal group results and general trends with others. Full Privacy Policy

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