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Sinthetics At Sinthetics we are recognized for our breathtaking, super-realistic silicone foot.

They are offered by us in various styles and sizes. Our legs look genuine since they’re produced from life casts of genuine models. The quick feet are solid silicone (no structure that is internal and end just above the ankle. The high legs have a similar interior framework as the dolls (ankle joint, cores etc) closing just beneath the leg. The high foot additionally have actually tiny hooks at the very top that can be used for hanging and posing. Your own feet are completed utilizing the exact same materials and information while the legs on Sinthetic manikins.

Concerning the foot: We presently provide three varieties of foot obtainable in brief, Tall and Vajankle (Quick). They have been intended to purchase in your selection of epidermis tone and nail color. All designs are molded from life so that they have actually the step-by-step epidermis texture you’ll expect. Your own feet have actually a different big toe but one other feet are accompanied for durability. There is absolutely no interior framework in the feet. It is possible to cut them aside to split up if you want. We usually do not suggest this because it significantly decreases durability and in addition causes flat unfinished spots where the feet had been linked. Each set of legs is delivered with a couple of footwear. The present production that is estimated for legs is 10 – 12 months (plus delivery time).

Shown above: design B (size 11) quick Dolce that is two-tone legs with French pedicure.

Rates ( perhaps maybe maybe not upgrades that are including postage) Buy with options

Sizes: Style A is United States Size 7, somewhat wide during the instep. Style B is US Size 11, our latest design. Style 1 is US size 7.5 – the feet that are same your body 1 dolls, you can observe more images of the legs in the body 1B & 1H gallery pages. Type 2 is US size 6.5 – the exact same foot on your body 2 dolls, you can view more photos among these legs in the body 2A & 2D gallery pages. We recommend which you purchase shoes a size bigger than your feet for closed-toe designs.

Shown above: Style B (size 11) quick two-tone Dolce & Honey feet with French pedicure.

The Nails: it is possible to pick from many different nail choices including nail art (standard decals or custom 3D Japanese design nails). The feet all have rigid nails that are acrylic. Should you want to paint the fingernails various colors we suggest purchasing the simple, unfinished guidelines. Finished and colored recommendations shouldn’t be painted as the color that is original finish could be damaged. Should you decide to paint the nails, usage non-acetone nail enamel remover to make the color down. Acetone will melt acrylic.

The versions: We selected our models centered on needs from our friends that are foot-fetish customers. We try not to give fully out any private information about our models including what their age is or race so please don’t ask. Feel free to use whatever age/race/personality to your legs that you choose. Future styles will undoubtedly be added once we add figures to the doll line.

Please read our Careguide and Questions & Answers pages to get more information on proper care and upkeep.

Shown above: Style B (size 11) brief Mocha that is two-tone legs with French pedicure.

Initial Vajankle: The Vajankle is really a novelty product which was made by unique demand. This has an usable vagina in the top the ankle. You can easily order the Vajankle individually, or perhaps in a blended set (one foot gets the vagina, a person is simply a regular brief base). The Vajankle is manufactured out of the type A feet.

Shown above: Original Vajankle in Cream complexion with French pedicure.

The initial Vajankle shown within the Milk complexion with French pedicure

Fundamental Vajankle: the essential Vajankle is just obtainable in the Honey complexion, with painted red toenails (easy finger finger nails), plus it does not have the full soft vagina liner shown above, merely a basic silicone entry. Accessible to ship in about 7 – 10 company times. Purchase now

Design 2 feet that are tall shown in Cream with French pedicure. Purchase with options

Your feet shown above would be the Feet that is short Style in Chai epidermis tone with French. Purchase with options

Your feet shown above would be the Quick Feet Style the in regular and upgraded (two-tone). Purchase with options

Your own feet shown above would be the Feet that is short Style purchase with options

Your own feet shown above will be the Quick Feet Style 2 Buy with options

Your toes shown above will be the Tall Feet Style a buy that is options

Your toes shown above are Tall Feet Style 1 Buy with options

Your feet shown within the gallery above will be the high style A feet in Milk complexion with French pedicure. These photos are shown thanks to Davecat. Buy with options

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Its m.m. Master pieces

Its soo interesting

We received your mail and I also had written you yesterday. Its about sinthetics legs, these are generally fantastics! Perfect foot At final! I would personally prep become interesting in legs style A skinton peaches Cherry redvarnishnail on feet. Please pardon me for my shool english! Thank you very much Yours faithfully

Why We have exceedingly attraction to feminine base?

Omgsh, a base servant explained exactly how he’d bought foot from sinthetics. I did son’t believe him until We visited right here. I never seen such a thing similar to this before. Amazing!

I would like hollow legs to wear over my feet that are own I don’t need to worry about pedicures on a regular basis. I am aware somebody means they are and so they slip on like socks. Do these types are made by you of legs or have you any idea who does? Many Many Thanks.


Wow where are you? I’m preparation on putting a purchase. Once more where are you?

We’ve been the following, being employed as usual…

Which choice might be best if I desired a skin that is caucasian however with a little bit of a tan… milk or peach?

Neither Milk nor Peaches. Both have become skin that is fair. Caucasian by having a tan that is slight be Honey or Chai.

Is it possible to deliver me personally some information that is ordering?

To get involved with the part that is ordering of site just take the following actions: 1) just click here: https: //sinthetics.; 2) check in in the event that you curently have an account, or produce a membership to get at your order queue 3) click on the second menu item within the top bar a “Order”. You could access this site from http: //www. when you go to the “Order” switch in the menu that is top and choosing “Doll Order Form” through the list. 4) choose “Female doll” then click “Submit” 5) Create your choices through the available alternatives 6) Either keep your selection for viewing later on, or perhaps you can submit it through the cart to the purchase queue. 7) As soon as the purchase is submitted, we shall include cargo and deliver an acknowledgement. From there we include your purchase towards the queue according to once the deposit and last repayments are made.

Hi, whenever can you will create the men’s “tall feet”?

Whenever we obtain an purchase for them we’ll make sure they are.

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