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Pool & Spa: Making Them More Responsive

If you’ve ever used a swimming pool or spa, sauna or steam room, you’ve experienced some of the many benefits they can provide: recreation, relaxation, exercise, therapy, even an important backdrop for friendship. If you’ve ever owned any of these amenities, you also know the costs of keeping them heated so they’re ready to go when you want to use them—even if on a lower stand-by temperature. So while the benefits of these luxurious necessities are great, so too are the ongoing costs of their operation. And with the long-term price of energy heading upward, these costs will only increase over time.Pool_AND_Spa_illustration_2

Remotely monitoring and controlling these amenities can minimize heating costs, while making sure they are at the optimal temperature when you’re ready to use them. It will also decrease your carbon footprint. While you’re in town, for example, the spa or sauna can be pre-set to a schedule to match your lifestyle and use pattern. Set the steam room to fire up at 5:20 am if you’d like, so it’s at perfect temperature when you arise at 6:00—but only on the days when you use your outdoor pool, and only in the non-summer months when you need the extra motivation the steam provides.

Sudden change in schedule? Just pull out your smart phone, and make whatever time or temperature adjustment you want. You’ll like saving money, while enjoying a schedule that is fine-tuned to your needs. Got a sauna in the cabin at the lake? No worries! Just use your smart phone to fire it up an hour before your ETA. When you arrive, it’ll be ready.

Pool_AND_Spa_illustrationThe convenience and energy savings of remote monitoring and control works for non-luxury smart home features as well. Say you daughter and her family just called you at work to say that they’re arriving this afternoon for their visit—a day ahead of schedule. Use your smart phone to turn up the temperature on the water heater, so you won’t run out of hot water this time. And set the heat to turn up to 68 degrees at 4:00 pm in the new guest room above the garage.

For a wide range of energy-consuming home amenities, remote monitoring and control can make your life more convenient and enjoyable. And in the process it will save money and conserve energy.