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Welcome to the SmartHomeGallery.com, the place that helps you understand the world of electronic home automation. We’ve created special tools to help you explore the technologies, decide which ones fit your lifestyle, and find experts who can adapt them to your specific needs. We’ve also added Insights—practical consumer-friendly summaries on important smart home topics.

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Smart Home, Home Automation or Home Integration?

The term smart home captures the dream of a home equipped with technologies and applications that are configured to the everyday needs and preferences of household members. Many automation systems are now available is accomplish this: lighting & shade control, smart security, surveillance cameras, smart energy management, photovoltaic solar energy, as well as smart home theater, multi-room music, remote home management, and many others.

When these home automation technologies are integrated— interconnected, custom-configured and programmed to specific lifestyle needs—the smart home dream is fully realized. For example, lighting control, security cameras, electronics door locks, and room sensors can be linked together and custom programmed to provide an integrated safety net for seniors living alone.

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Cutaway HouseGALLERY

Getting started is easy—just click Gallery, then choose Entertainment & Automation, Home Security, or Energy Management. Together they create a Gallery of 26 Smart Home technologies and applications to explore.


Next visit Lifestyles and use the Smart Home Planner to help you identify the technologies that make sense for your home and family. You’ll receive your own Personal Profile plus a guide: Tailor the Tech to Your Lifestyle.


Then explore Insights to learn about important practical aspects of the smart home. It includes dozens of topics, including: Real-life Energy Savings; Optimizing Your Video Display; Surveillance: Balance Safety and Privacy (coming soon); and The Art of the Technology Upgrade (coming soon).

Dealer Coming SoonEXPERTS

Finally, visit the Experts section. Learn about the different kinds of providers available and the range of products and services they offer. Then use the Find an Expert tool to locate specialists who can meet your specific needs and expectations.